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About Hippie Haven

Look - don't buy anything you don't need.

But if you do need some sustainable swaps to help you reduce your trash & your impact on the planet, then you're in the right place! We know that a "zero waste" lifestyle can sometimes be more expensive upfront, but it will actually save you money in the long run by consuming less and reusing more. 

Our mission is to provide products & resources that support environmental well-being and cultivate a circular community.

That's why you don't see cutesy instagrammable green-washed shit here. We've consciously curated the essentials that most people actually need in their daily lives as they embark on an earth-conscious journey. All of our products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil free, ethically sourced, and packaged with the future of our planet in mind. Plus, over 70% of our vendors are American female-owned small businesses! #supportwomen

We've done the work for you so that you can shop in good conscience, even if you have a tight budget.


There's so many online zero waste stores these days, but we believe that we stand out due to the activism work we do, free resources we provide, transparency of who's behind this business, and because of our values.

We believe that in this day & age, it's simply unethical for a business to NOT take a public stance. We are proud to support immediate climate action, LGBT+ rights, Indigenous rights, Black Lives Matter, and healthcare for all (including reproductive rights). We're against Trump, pipelines, water privatization, bigotry, animal cruelty, and wealth hoarding, among other things.

We welcome customers with similar values, and respectfully ask those who disagree with any of the above to simply close this tab without any ado.

Callee | Founder + CEO
Formerly in the US Navy, Callee was honorably discharged as a conscientious objector in 2017 so that she could become an activist & better live in alignment with her core values. That same year, at age 23, she started Bestowed Essentials, a handmade line of eco-friendly beauty & home products that are now stocked in over 200 stores around the US & Canada. Callee hosts the Hippie Haven Podcast, speaks at events, and teaches educational workshops across the country, as part of her life mission to arm you with the knowledge & tools you need to spark progressive change in your community. In 2019, she & her team opened Hippie Haven in Rapid City, South Dakota - a zero waste retail store & community space.

Chesca | Hippie Haven Store Manager

Chesca | Hippie Haven Store Manager
Chesca originally joined our team in March 2019 as the Bestowed Essentials Production Manager, then transitioned to Hippie Haven Store Manager in December 2019. She helps our customers choose the eco-friendly products that fit their lifestyle, ships out all your orders, refills bulk containers, keeps our shelves stocked, coordinates our Rapid City events, and runs our Zero Waste Black Hills group. Chesca previously worked as a dental assistant & dance coach, and recently obtained a yoga teacher certification in Bali. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, eating food, stand-up paddleboarding, taking naps in odd places, traveling to tropical islands, and supporting small businesses wherever she goes.

Alexzandria | Hippie Haven Expansion Coordinator

Alex | Hippie Haven Community Coordinator
Alexzandria has been doing our product photography since 2018, but officially joined the team in July 2019 to help coordinate our events & community advocacy. Alex has a very energetic 6-year old son and a not-so-energetic senior rescue dog. In her free time, she enjoys taking pictures, painting, thrift shopping & camping. She has been vegetarian for over 4 years, and also happens to be the biggest Beattles fan ever. Alex dreams of running our future Hippie Haven store in Salem, Oregon.


Raylyn | Communications Coordinator
After deciding she wanted a job that was more in tune with her value-driven lifestyle, Raylyn joined the Hippie Haven team in February 2020 after being a long-time supporter & customer. She has a BS in Broadcast Journalism, MA in Communications, and has worked in newspaper, magazine, and television news industries. Raylyn manages our media relationships, coordinates Callee's speaking events & interviews, produces the Hippie Haven Podcast, and more. She hates wearing shoes and loves being in nature, drinking hot tea, and reading a good book. Raylyn dreams of someday opening a zero waste store on the Texas Coast.



Molly | Bestowed Essentials Operations Manager

Molly | Bestowed Essentials Operations Manager
Molly joined our team in August 2020. She schedules the manufacturing of thousands of products a month, fulfills dozens of wholesale orders a week, communicates with our 200+ stockists, researches potential suppliers, orders ingredients & packaging, and much more. Molly has a Bachelors degree from BHSU in Human Services with an emphasis in Community Studies & a minor in International Studies, and was previously employed at Black Hills Works. In her free time, Molly loves to explore the world, learn new languages, read, and hang out with her cats & turtles. Molly dreams of living in Europe one day soon.



Sabrina | Bestowed Essentials Soapmaker

Sabrina | Bestowed Essentials Soapmaker
Sabrina joined our team in July 2019 after working as a youth mentor for Rural America Initiates. She handmakes an average of 400 lbs of soap every week! Sabrina is the proud ina (mom) to a 2 year old son, and is currently obtaining a degree in Entrepreneurship from Oglala Lakota College. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, foraging, beading, participating in powwows, and playing video games. Sabrina dreams of starting her own business that makes a difference.



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