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Straw Cleaning Brush

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These drinking straw cleaners are made from Agave Fiber and steel – a completely plastic-free alternative to conventional nylon straw cleaning brushes.

After the Agave Fibers become wet, the fibers become more flexible, allowing them to be used for cleaning drinking straws of virtually any diameter.

Long-lasting and durable, these Agave Fiber Drinking Straw Cleaners will be a great addition to your zero-waste lifestyle toolkit.

The agave plant is so abundant in the south of India that inhabitants of this area use it for virtually everything from food to clothing to rope. Our straw cleaners are made responsibly in India using sustainable harvesting methods.

- easy to wash straws with this straw cleaning brush
- helps eliminate a common source of single-use plastic from your daily life

- made with metal handle + compostable sisal bristles
- helps eliminate the usage of thousands of plastic straws over your lifetime!
- comes unpackaged
- ships plastic-free

Customer Reviews

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This brush has nice natural bristles-not too soft nor too stiff. I use them for cleaning the glass pipette to reuse tincture bottles, straws and all sorts of narrow glassware. So thankful that this brush is all-natural; it is so much nicer to clean with than the kind with grody plastic bristles.


My only complaint about this straw brush is that I didn't find it sooner!
I've been holding out for one that was totally recyclable/biodegradable (and reasonably priced)... this is it.
One thing to keep in mind: this will work great for standard size straws, as the brush head is fairly narrow. However, we have the jumbo silicone straws (slightly smaller than boba-size?) and a fatter brush head would be more convenient BUT this one works too. It gets the job done, dries quickly, doesn't take up much room on the counter. Love it 👍🏼