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Natural Toilet Bombs

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You can clean kill germs without toxic ingredients






Cleaning toilets has never been so easy and safe! 

Use: drop 1 tab into the toilet and let it fizz out. Use your toilet brush to scrub the bowl. Flush. Toilet bombs can also be used in the holding tank as well. This is a completely plastic-free product! 

Other uses:

  • drop a tab into your diaper pail to help keep it fresh. 
  • drop a tab into your washing machine, set it on the lowest load setting, let it fizz out, and wash your washing machine. 
  • drop a tab (or 2) into your garbage disposal and run the water.
  • put a few tabs on a decorative plate in your bathroom and let it deodorize your bathroom.
  • take it on the go! drop one in the toilet when you are doing your business in a public restroom to mask odors.

This is my kids' favorite new chore: cleaning the toilet! 

  • 10 Toilet Bomb tabs included in each 5"x7" muslin bag
  • Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, non-GMO citric acid*, water, essential oils of tea tree, organic peppermint, and lemon
  • safe for septic systems
  • use within 3 months 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stephanie Dunn
Love the bombs!

They were super easy to use and I felt good about using a natural product.

Lisa P
easy cleanup of the toilet

Very much would order in future! Asmall request--there was only one sample available to order and it was loose in the box with other items that got covered with the chalky tablet. Maybe wrap in a bit of paper-or maybe it was wrapped and got loose -could have just been my shipment was pretty beat up and box torn open at the seams. Not your fault-just shipping i think!

Virginia Carrera
Crud Bombs

Work great in removing toilet Crud. Smells fresh.

Alexandra Entner
They actually work

I was skeptical of the cleaning power of these toilet bombs but they actually work. I know because although I keep my toilets super clean, my kids are gross little monsters. My five year old forgets to flush the toilet after she uses it. I pretend that she is an environmentalist trying to conserve water (she's just forgetful in reality). Their toilet gets gross quick, like I have to clean it every few days kind of gross. Anyway, I can only get the toilet brush so deep in their toilet and from the right angle, you could see how nasty it was below where the brush could reach. Then I tried the toilet bombs and I was shocked to see that it cleaned it completely in the areas that were too hard to get to. I will forever buy these. I did try to repurpose the bag it came in and filled it with lavender, tied it off, and used it in my dryer. After a few uses the bag ended up breaking though. I would love to see this packaged in a brown paper bag instead. So happy to have this shop, I've been a shopper since it was bestowed essentials.

Amber Z
Simple cleaning solution!

These are simple both in ingredients and in function! I just plop one in the task after I deep clean our toilets, and it gives a fresh cleansing rinse the next time it is flushed! I know you can use these as your main cleaner too, but I mainly use baking soda for that.

I took the cloth baggie these come in and cut the front and back designs/info off, and then using a minimal amount of my son's school glue around the edges (and a few spots in the middle) I glued them to a pasta sauce jar I had saved! That way I still have the lovely artwork and the instructions with the products, but I am able to store them in an air-tight jar as recommended.

SAVE THOSE JARS PEOPLE! They come in handy ;)