Loofah Kitchen Sponge - 3 Pack - Hippie Haven
Loofah Kitchen Sponge - 3 Pack | Hippie Haven
Loofah Kitchen Sponge - 3 Pack | Hippie Haven
Loofah Kitchen Sponge - 3 Pack | Hippie Haven

Loofah Kitchen Sponge - 3 Pack

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Most traditional (you know the ugly yellow and green combination) sponges are made of plastic! Not only are they around for hundreds of years, but they allow MICROPLASTICS to go down the drain and into our water systems. Let's not forget all the bacteria the plastic sponges absorb (have you noticed they never really fully dry?). That's why we've provided you a better eco-friendly, zero waste replacement for those stinky sponges!

Our SAFE and NATURAL kitchen sponge is made from 100% loofah and sewn with 100% cotton thread making it fully compostable. No plastic here! It even comes attached with a loop so you can hang it and let it dry. 

- fully compostable
- ships plastic-free
- palm oil-free, vegan + cruelty-free

Before your first use, place the sponge in water and allow it to absorb water and expand. Hang to dry after using. Dishwasher safe on the top rack.


Customer Reviews

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Great eco conscious switch!

I was looking for a good replacement for those plastic sponge wands that you can fill with soap, but at a pretty similar price point for the amount of usage I got out of those sponge refills. These were a great switch! I think the best part is that you can throw them in the dishwasher to sanitize. They come in a three pack, but I've been using the same one for almost two months now — just throwing it in the dishwasher to sanitize regularly and hang to dry! A great value.


Just busted out my new sponge earlier this week! I've used loofah sponges before, so I knew what to expect.
These ones, however, are thicker than previous ones, which is fine. Assuming this means they will last longer!
What I do like about these ones in particular is that there was thought put into them: one side is softer, and the other is the rougher/tougher part of the loofah, so it imitates a plastic sponge.
If you are new to these, know that I switched to them because I wanted to use less plastic, but I needed a sponge my partner liked. And he likes these! They work just as well as a plastic sponge, AND they work on everything - regular plates, my one nonstick pan, cast iron, you name it. They are an easy swap, and I double-love that I found them on Hippie Haven, so I do not need to use other online sources.

Great Sponges!

These are great sponges! I'm switching to plastic-free products and these are sponges are wonderful! I had bought loofah "sponges" from a different website and those were just a loofah cut in half which were very difficult to use to wash dishes. These are the same size and shape as traditional sponges and do a great job. I'm super happy with this purchase and plan to continue buying them.


Is my first time buying this sponges and I in love the other one stink with the time but this one no and is soft with the hands And live everything clean

Great alternative to traditional kitchen sponges

I really like this product. I got them to replace traditional kitchen sponges that often contain plastics, anti-fungal chemicals, and other undesirable ingredients. They seem to be durable and work great at getting off grime and other hard-to-remove stains. I use these for cleaning around the house as well as for doing my dishes. These are a bit smaller than conventional kitchen sponges but still get the job done.