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Bamboo Pot Scraper | Hippie Haven
Bamboo Pot Scraper | Hippie Haven
Bamboo Pot Scraper | Hippie Haven

Bamboo Pot Scraper

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This multipurpose scraper is a must-have for your eco-friendly kitchen!  The compact size conveniently fits in your hand and has a different shape in each corner to get into those hard-to-reach spots. Get creative from removing stubborn foods and substances to scraping a batter bowl clean, tempering chocolate, or removing spilled sauce from your glass-top stove. All without scratching your cooking surfaces! 

Natural + Vegan Materials 

Handcrafted from USDA Certified organically grown bamboo from the Fujian Province of China. Made without glues or lacquers. Finished with a USDA Certified organic flaxseed oil. Phthalate-free and BPA-free. Food safe tested and approved by Green America. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Comes unpackaged. 

Customer Reviews

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Works Wonderfully

It works so well and it's so nice to eliminate plastic scubbers from my life!

Pleasantly surprised!

I wasn't quite sure what this product was at first, but when I got it home and started using it, it's easily become one of my favorite tools to use when doing the dishes. It's sturdy to get all the crusty food off and I love that I can use it on my teflon pans and it won't scratch them up like steel wool or a different kind of scrubber might. I highly recommend this product!

Excellent Scraper

This is one of the first products that I've purchased from here. I am very pleased with the quality and usefulness of the product! I love it!

Pot Scraper

I actually got this for my pizza stone (which I use for more than just pizza) and it works perfectly! I don't wash my stone often so it's nice to use the scraper to get any pieces of food and crumbs off.