Biodegradable Bottle Brush | Hippie Haven
Biodegradable Bottle Brush | Hippie Haven
Biodegradable Bottle Brush | Hippie Haven
Biodegradable Bottle Brush | Hippie Haven

Biodegradable Bottle Brush

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Your eco-friendly kitchen isn't complete without one of these bottle brushes! Sponges, wide scrubbers, or short brushes can't get the job done for those narrow and long bottles like this vegan bottle brush. The handle is lightweight and easy to use while the brush head curls at the top so you can clean all those hard to reach spots. Hand washing dishes is now a little bit more fun knowing you've switched to another zero-waste essential for the planet! 

Natural + Vegan Materials

The handle is made out of natural bamboo attached to a metal wire with plant-based sisal fibers. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The bottle brush comes unpackaged. 

Product Care

Hang your brush, or store in a jar bristle side down, to keep water from pooling on the handle.

Customer Reviews

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Bottle Brush

I find this product quite useful when cleaning my children's bottles. It pairs well with the dish soap. Thanks.

Harry McDevitt

This brush is an awesome dishwashing tool. Not only for bottles and jars, but just turn it sideways and it is super effective on plates, cutlery... anything. That way you can use the same tool for all the dishes at the same wash session. I love the natural composition, it has positive vibes and a real sense of sustainability. Actually this one is the second I've purchased since I was reckless and failed to heed the care instructions causing the handle to separate from the brush. I had a great idea to drill a hole from the end of the handle and extend a wire through it to the brush. However, I misplaced the brush with several dozen other "Projects" so I just ordered a new one which has not come apart since I followed directions this time. I strongly recommend that you question authority but follow directions regarding dish washing brushes! Peace and Love to All.

Becca Goodman
Clean Bottles!

The bottle brush did exactly as we wanted it to - we now have super clean bottles, even on the ones that are hard to reach the bottom of! Pair it with their natural dish soap and it's a win-win!

Efficient & economical

A big thumbs up for this brush, it does such a good job at scrubbing away and has the perfectly engineered design for getting all the crevices of any bottle or mug. 10/10 recommend

Kim Holden
Bottle brush

While I really love this brush, I find it is a bit short for a lot of my water/coffee bottles. I did uncurl the end so it just reached the bottom! It’s great for short bottles and mason jars!