Bamboo and Cotton Ear Buds - 200 Pack | Hippie Haven
Bamboo and Cotton Ear Buds - 200 Pack | Hippie Haven
Bamboo and Cotton Ear Buds - 200 Pack | Hippie Haven
Bamboo and Cotton Ear Buds - 200 Pack | Hippie Haven

Eco-friendly Cotton Swabs

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Your eco-friendly bathroom or makeup routine isn't complete without these cotton swabs! It works just like a regular swab WITHOUT the plastic so you can use it like a zero-waste pro. Plus, it comes in minimal and aesthetically pleasing packaging that can be composted with the swabs. Make your daily routines more fun knowing you've switched to another zero-waste essential for the planet! 

*One box comes with 200 cotton swabs.*

Natural + Vegan Materials

100% biodegradable swabs made with cotton and bamboo.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Swabs are packaged in a box made from cardboard paper. The box is biodegradable or recyclable.

Did You Know?  

8 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans each year (Ocean Conservancy). Imagine dumping a full garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every minute of every day, for a whole year! It's estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans soon. That's why it's important that we switch sustainable alternatives, vote with our dollar! 


Customer Reviews

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Ari Evergreen
Great 1:1 replacement for swabs made from less earth-friendly materials

These are still disposable but they're much more similar to traditional swabs than, say, the reusable LastSwab. I appreciated that not only are they packaged in a little snug paperboard box, they came shipped to us in a very small cardboard box with no wasteful packing material. Highly recommend these for anyone looking to reduce their impact but not ready to use a reusable swab yet, or for whom a reusable swab is not suitable for whatever reason - these are absorbent which is perhaps more useful for some situations.

Lori Garcia

Happy with all my products

Sebastian Garcia
A Small, Easy Swap!

Ear swabs are used on an everyday basis so for me, I wanted to find a sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic options. This was an easy choice and I'm really enjoying them as my alternative. One minor flaw is that the middle of the swabs do break easily but only when applying a lot of force. Other than that, these are amazing!

Brenda Reeves

I enjoyed your products and will buy again.